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The scientific operations of Berkeley Lab — and human activities in general — rely on the consumption of resources, including different forms of energy, water, and materials. This resource use is contributing to irreversible climate change, adverse health and environmental impacts, and shortages of water.

Berkeley Lab Waste Outputs Per Person

For every person at Berkeley Lab, we produce about 1 pound of solid and hazardous waste a day and about 70 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable Berkeley Lab is working to rethink and eliminate this daily production of visible and invisible waste.

Waste Solid and Hazardous 1.0 0.2
Air Pollution NOx, SOx, CO, PM10 1.7 0.3
Climate GHGs in CO2e 70 12
Water Evaporate and Sewer 250
30 gal per day
For Comparison, the California Annual GHG Emissions
Per Person = 12 MTCO2e
Emmissions bar chart
CA Emissions per Person