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Rethinking waste through waste diversion and smart purchasing


Waste Diversion: Performance Against Goal

75% by 2020 and 90% by 2025

Rethink Waste

Streamlining solid waste collection to minimize landfill contribution, custodial injuries, and hauling costs

Use the correct waste bin!

Do a cleanup of your area!

Join Labwise & help make your lab sustainable

Streamline Laboratory Processes

Partnering with scientists and staff in labs to recycle waste as well as close fume hoods, efficiently operate freezers, and control plug loads (Labwise)

Purchase Smartly

Avoiding waste by promoting purchase of products that use less energy, water, materials, and toxic chemicals


Learn more in the Lab's Waste Action Plan

Check out the Sustainable Procurement Guidance

Check out the Ain’t Too Proud to Sort Video from ETA

Check out the Waste Diversion Project: Trash Talk and Action in Building 90

Download the standard Waste Station Signs

Download the Waste Guide (11" x 17")